Brighten dad’s day with a Bonsai

Bonsai Trees - a little gift for a big hearted Dad

Raising kids takes time, patience and love. Skills which are easily transferred to nurturing and creating a Bonsai. It’s also lots of fun and great family hobby to do together. What is it about kids and small miniature collectables? A Bonsai tree is the perfect little gift for big hearted Dad’s and something the whole family can enjoy. At Abundance Garden Centre we’re seeing lots of interest in the art of Bonsai. But what is it and how do you get started? 

Choosing a Bonsai tree for the Mid North Coast climate


A Bonsai is a dwarf tree so it’s important to choose a tree to match your climate. 

noun, plural bon·sai.

  • a tree or shrub that has been dwarfed, as by pruning the roots and pinching, and is grown in a pot or other container and trained to produce a desired shape or effect.
  • the art or hobby of developing and growing such plants.

Did you know almost any plant can be grown as a Bonsai. Choose an outdoor variety that matches your climate and your Dad’s personality. 

Bougainvilleas are our speciality and we simply love a Bonsai Bougainvillea to give you some inspiration. Now let’s get growing.

How to grow a Bonsai


What you’ll need

  • A young starter plant 
  • A bonsai pot
  • Soil
  • Wire
  • Fertiliser
  • Bonsai shears
  • Decorations and scene enhancers

How to prepare your Bonsai

  1. Prune the branches of the plant to thin them out.  
  2. Apply wire around the branches so you can shape the tree. Aim to wire two branches of the same thickness together. These wires may be removed, a few months later, once the desired effect is achieved and branches are sitting in the desired position.
  3. Once you have wired the entire tree you can begin to shape it.There’s a number of different Bonsai shapes to choose from including upright, slanting and cascade or simply shape according to your own creative desires!
  4. Prune the roots to thin them out, or maybe try exposing some to give that lovely aged effect. Ficus are a particularly good genus to expose the roots.
  5. Add soil to the pots, usually starter kits come with premixed Bonsai soil. Try some ornaments, gravel or knurly rustic rocks to enhance the scene.
  6. Place tree off centre and plant in your chosen pot covering the roots with soil, and perhaps that finishing touch…..moss!
  7. Add plenty of water for moisture and place in a sunny spot. 

Caring for your Bonsai tree


Bonsai Tree Maintenance 

  • Early morning sun and afternoon shade are the best for most Bonsai. 
  • Repot your tree every year in Spring.
  • Water your tree when the soil feels dry and make sure the roots are all wet.
  • Fertilise in the growth season from Spring to Autumn to add nutrients to the soil. Ask the Abundance team for guidance on how much fertiliser. 

Starter Plants
Come and check out our starter plants for your own project. You save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Amongst our starter plants you will discover lovely pre pruned Azaleas, Buxus, Ficus, Juniperus, Almus, Ilex and don’t forget Bougainvilleas!

How much does it cost to get started
You can purchase all the things you need to get started from $25. Pop into Abundance Garden Centre to get started with Bonsai.

Abundance Bonsai Accessories
All the accessories we stock for Bonsai are made in both China or Japan. We have a beautiful range of miniature pots, ornaments and treasures to make your Bonsai a reflection of your own personality.

Bonsai Garden Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

History of Bonsai 

Bonsai has a rich history and the art of Bonsai has fascinated people for centuries. Originally the art of growing Bonsai started in China as luxurious gifts for the elite, before moving to Japan and being taken up by the West in the 19th Century.

Bonsai plants are great gifts for family and friends. Let’s get growing! 

Local Bonsai Groups

You can find like minded Bonsai growers with the Hastings Bonsai Group who meet the first Saturday of every month.