Celebrating Spring in Port Macquarie

Abundance Gardens come alive this spring

Spring is here! Abundance is bursting with colour and John and Carol share all our exciting spring projects, menus and  planting ideas in this months Port Macquarie Focus magazineYou can also read our Spring Growing Guide for more tips on what to plant this September. 

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year in the Australian garden. What are your top tips for planting for the new season and what varieties should we invest in?

The current dry conditions are going to play a major role in our recommended selections for Spring and going through to Summer.

Look for water wise plants with vibrant colour- bougainvilleas , geraniums, lavender, daisies and gardenias.

Grevilleas, callistemons, banksias, syzygiums and westringia are easy care in drought conditions and the NZ Christmas bush- metrosideros will give vibrant red flowers and a lushness often hard to find in the dry.

Can you share some exciting things happening at Abundance for the month ahead? 

We’ve almost completed a new water recycling project so that every precious drop we use to irrigate our wholesale nursery will be recycled. This is especially important with the drought. It’s a project which has been in the pipeline for a while now and we’re excited to have finally been able to implement it this month.

A fabulous new and fresh menu will hit the deck in mid September. Along with this, Mitch and his kitchen team are introducing delicious new cakes to delight entice even the most die-hard dieters to indulge in a treat. The emphasis is on edible flowers and bursts of colour and flavour!

The Garden Centre is having a revamp and new gift ware is arriving daily.
New season roses, fruit trees, deciduous trees and citrus are now in. We are newly appointed agents for Form-Boss metal garden edging and have joined the Independent Garden Centre Group, so we can bring new product to our customers at great prices.

The Abundance team members are led by you John. What is your specific area of interest in the world of horticulture.

I like to produce plants that inspire and I like to ensure there is constant supply ready for our retail nursery. I’ve spent many years developing a range of bougainvilleas that I believe is the best Australia. There is a ‘boug’ for every occasion and they give such a spectacular show almost all year around.

I want to educate our customers and give the best advice for their particular situation. I am also a collector and love getting out and about on our travels and bringing home some more unusual varieties…and I am not very good at sharing these!

This Spring you’re also expanding your beautiful ranges of giftware. What are some of giftwares people can find at Abundance?

Abundance an ideal shopping spot to pick-up a unique gift for a loved one. 
We’re always looking for new giftware and it is often difficult stick to our theme of gardens and garden related. Water features for table tops, the cutest dog breed salt and pepper shakers, bird and animal cups, fairy gardens, premium floor mats, stunning decorative pots and rattan hanging baskets , a fabulous cushion collection and beautiful botanical soaps!

Our 7th birthday is this October and we will be celebrating with our customers. Night dining will commence when it is a bit warmer and Christmas bookings are now being taken for private celebrations. 

Spring is here…and all of us we are pumped!

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