Tips for Planting Succulents:

  1. Plant above the pot rim – When planting your succulent don’t make the mistake of placing the whole plant inside the pot. In order for succulents to stay healthy they need to sit above the rim of the pot. If your soil is below the rim of the pot water will easily pool up and the leaves inside the pot will quickly rot from the water and cause problems for the rest of the plant. Fill your pot partially with soil and then put your succulent in. This will help you see if your plant is above the pot or below. Remember don’t just put the roots in an empty pot, it needs a base to sit on.

  2. Spacing – Deciding on how much space needs to be between each succulent in an arrangement is entirely up to you. Succulents can definitely be planted close together however the closer they are they slower they will grow and therefore maintain the original design of the arrangement better. If you choose to leave a little more space between your succulents they will grow a little quicker (but remember these plants are generally slow growers) and over time they’ll fill in. This is a great option if you’d like for your plants to get bigger or reproduce on their own more easily. When there is space between the plants it’s easier to water the succulents properly. There is also better air flow so the soil will dry out more quickly and succulents love quick drying soil. Remember you don’t want to space your succulents too far apart or put them in a pot that is significantly larger than they are. Too much space will cause the succulents to focus on producing roots rather than getting larger.

  3. Let your succulents hang out – To make your succulent arrangement a little more interesting, place some succulents so they hang over the edge of your pot. A hanging succulent such as String of Pearls looks amazing hanging over the side of the pot.

  4. Add some height – Another way to make your succulent arrangement look amazing is to use a tall succulent to give the arrangement some height. The combination of a tall succulent surrounded by shorter succulents and a trailing succulent can create an amazing arrangement.

  5. Top Dressing – Be sure to finish off your arrangement by using a top dressing such as pebbles or sphagnum moss, your design will look more professional!